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Each of the students has their own unique Qualities, Talents and Goals. It is of paramount importance to nurture them in their chosen field and to identify areas to work on, encouraging them with an all round training in performing arts, whilst building Social Skills, achieving Qualifications and having fun.
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HISTORY TMT Theatre Arts developed from Teddington Musical Theatre (TMT) which originally offered only classes in Musical Theatre, but due to its dedicated teachings, professional development and the increase in talent and standard of productions over the years the school now offers excellent training to produce strong all round versatile performers in all areas of dance and performing arts, attaining excellent exam results in all subjects. As Musical Theatre is a combination of all areas of the performing arts a thorough knowledge and background is vital.
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Pre-School TMT Theatre Arts offer Pre-school classes from 2.5 yrs
Young children love to move. Through movement children develop their bodies, their minds, their confidence and their ability to communicate and express. Young children are learning all the time and in these early years most of their learning is connected to movement. The importance of movement in the development of children has been well researched and documented by educationalists and psychologists alike. During these early years children are involved in developing fundamental movement skills. Early exposure to developmentally appropriate movement activities in an instructional environment can help children to acquire skills and attitudes that are necessary for the future participation in physical activity e.g. sport or dance. The sessions have been designed from a developmental perspective; addressing young children’s cognitive, motor and affective (emotional and social) development and is therefore a fusion of educational and developmental theory. Pre-school Dance Classes acknowledges the importance of movement to young children and aims to provide a fun and safe learning environment. The focus on movement does not imply its superiority over creativity, expression or musicality; rather it exemplifies that movement is the medium for these elements to be developed. Dance is FUN Pre School Dance programs are specially designed to provide children from walking age, with a strong foundation in musicality and movement. Teaching the basic elements of movement and dance, space and how we relate to it, (both as an individual and as a member of a group) with particular emphasis on musical rhythm, beat and time; opposites and directions. From this a sense of self, creative expression, imagination, teamwork and basic body awareness evolves. Children also learn the basics of classroom behaviour and manners which include how to take turns, following another dancer of leading the way, waiting patiently, working together and having a positive attitude
Pre-School Classes
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TMT offer the Melody bear syllabus for our pre-school pupils. Classes are tailored to discovering and fulfilling the potential of each child, nurturing their creative development, enabling the delivery of effective and happy classes in ballet, tap and modern. Establishing a good foundation and introduction, preparing pupils for exam classes in RAD and ISTD. Little Bear Feet with Melody Bear Melody Movement with Melody Bear & Milligan Bear Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves with Melody Bear 
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Term Dates 2016: Exam Coaching - Thursday 14th April Friday 15th April - Saturday 9th July Half term: 27th May -5th June (No Classes 17th/18th June)  TMT Summer Diary Saturday 16th & 23rd April: Christina (our RAD student teacher) has her final assessments. The assessments will take place during the 10:30am grade 2 ballet class (which was grade 1 prior to the exams). Please can all children be dressed correctly with their hair tied back (preferably in a bun) as the children are representing TMT and will have tutors from the RAD watching. Please note: the children are not being assessed.   ISTD Exams Saturday 14th May Grade 1 & 2 Tap, Primary Mod/Tap Saturday 21st May Grade 1, 3 & 5 Tap Friday 20th May GCSE Practical Exam Performance; Audience invited. Please note GCSE exam entry fee is due. Half term 27th May - 5th June inclusive After half term there may be slight amendments to the timetable as we move into show rehearsals. Musical Theatre Exams July Date tbc Lamda July Date tbc No Classes 17th/18th June Costume Call July Date tbc Term Ends 9th July
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Why not visit us at Sacred Heart School For an informal chat,  Saturdays 09:00 to 16:00. (During Term Time). Click here
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Sacred Heart School St Marks Road Teddington Middlesex TW11 9DD
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GCSE Dance, GCSE Performing Arts & A Level Dance, A Level Performing Arts Specifications can be found on OCR & A level websites. PRODUCTIONS/CABARETS/SUMMER SCHOOL & FESTIVALS
Students will appear in the school show annually. This full-scale production allows the students the opportunity to demonstrate the high standard of technique, ability and performance they have achieved during their training. Students will also have the opportunity to appear in other public presentations and cabarets; and for those who are really keen festival work is offered. Summer School – an intensive week’s course; completed with a theatre production with full costume, sound and lighting on the final evening. Subjects included are musical theatre, drama, singing, tap, jazz, acrobatics & much more. A thoroughly enjoyable and challenging week OUTINGS The school is proud to offer theatre trips, school outings and festival presentations. This allows the pupils to socialise and be part of a team
TMT   differs   in   that   alongside   working   on   stage   technique   &   performance   there   is   also   emphasis placed   on   each   individual   subject,   allowing   each   student   to   obtain   qualifications   in   their   chosen fields   working   on   both   their   strengths   and   weaknesses   in   dance,   drama   &   singing   accordingly. TMT offer qualifications that are fully accredited by the UK regulatory authorities DANCE Dance   is   an   integral   part   of   the   school.   Pupils   are   encouraged   to   improve   awareness,   strength   and flexibility,   working   within   their   own   limits   and   ability.   Older   pupils   will   be   educated   on   the   basic understanding   of   the   human   body   so   as   to   avoid   injury.   Classes   are   offered   in   Ballet,   Modern, Tap,   Contemporary,   Street   Jazz/Theatre   Acro,   Double   Work,   GCSE   &   A   level   Dance.   TMT follow   the   RAD   &   ISTD   exam   syllabus   in   dance.   Students   have   the   opportunity   to   take   exams   at graded and vocational level. Exams are held regularly. The   Royal   Academy   of   Dance    ( RAD )   is   one   of   the   largest   and   most   influential   dance   education and   training   organisations   in   the   world.   Established   in   1920,   to   improve   standards   and   re- invigorate   dance   training   initially   within   the   UK,   the   Academy   helps   and   encourages   its   teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students. The    Imperial    Society    of    Teachers    of    Dancing     ( ISTD )    is    the    world's    leading    dance examinations   board,   formed   in   1904   it   is   today   a   registered   educational   charity   and   is   the   only organisation that covers the full spectrum of dance examinations on a truly global scale. Ballet Ballet   is   the   foundation   of   all   other   dance   disciplines.   Classes   develop   a   correct   posture,   stamina and   good   basic   technique.   For   Ballet   the   school   follows   both   the   RAD   (grades   &   vocational)   & ISTD (vocational) syllabus. Classes are offered from Preschool (2 ½ years) – Advanced. Tap & Modern As   great   importance   is   placed   upon   technical   detail   in   dance   the   ISTD   syllabus   is   also   followed in   both   Modern   &   Tap.   These   classes   also   cover   various   routines   &   rhythms   enabling   pupils   to develop   a   wide   repertoire   of   combinations.   Classes   are   offered   from   Pre   Primary   (4   years)   Advanced. Graded Exams Graded   Examinations   in   Dance   syllabi   provide   broad   practical   dance   education   and   develops technical,    musical    and    performance    skills.    The    RAD    ballet    grades    incorporate    ballet,    free movement   and   character   and   with   the   new   Pre-Primary   in   Dance   and   Primary   in   Dance   it   is appropriate   for   students   from   the   age   of   five   years,   Grades   range   Pre   Primary   to   Grade   8.   The ISTD   offer   grades   Pre   –Primary   –   Grade   6.   Grades   6   –   8   are   awarded   UCAS   points   at   level   3 regulated by QCF Vocational Exams The Vocational Graded Examinations in all genres (ISTD & RAD) of dance provide an in- depth study of the particular genre taken, developing advanced technique, music and performance skills. The vocational ISTD & RAD Ballet syllabus introduces pointe work for female candidates. These exams prepare students for a career in dance performance &/or teaching. Exams can be taken from 11years starting with Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 & Advanced 2. In order to complete teaching qualifications vocational exams must be completed prior to entry. Intermediate is awarded at level 3 QCF (awarded UCAS points) and Advanced 1 & 2 regulated at level 4 QCF. Vocational exams are assessed at a much higher level than graded exams. Contemporary/Street Jazz/Hip Hop/ Theatre Acro Classes   encompass   a   variety   of   styles   and   aim   to   develop   expression,   energy   and   control.   Classes also   include    commercial   dance   work   as   seen   in   music   videos.   Emphasis   is   placed   on   learning   lots of   combinations   whilst   having   fun.   For   the   advanced   class   importance    is   placed   on   retaining   and picking   up   routines   at   speed.   Theatre   Acro/Gymnastics   helps   strengthen   and   loosen   the   body, enabling pupils to develop acrobatic moves for use within performances.  
MUSICAL THEATRE These   classes   are   a   combination   of   acting   through   song   and   dance   and   are   the   foundation   of   Musical Theatre.   Through   these   classes   all   aspects   of   performing   arts   (Dance,   Singing   &   Drama)   are   brought together   and   students   are   encouraged   to   perform   both   as   a   group   &   individually,   but   as   a   team.   Tutors will   work   at   the   pace   of   each   individual,   being   psychologically   aware   of   each   student’s   abilities   at   all times,   developing   self   esteem.   Each   year   the   musical   theatre   classes   perform   a   theatrical   show.   Classes are available for 4 +. SINGING Classes   can   be   taken   privately   or   in   groups.   Singing   is   an   essential   element   of   Musical   Theatre. Students    are    introduced    to    many    styles    of    songs.    Classes    focus    on    range,    breathing    techniques, harmonies   and   voice   production.   There   is   an   emphasis   on   performance   &   learning   to   express   emotion through   song.   Pupils   can   be   entered   for   Musical   Theatre   or   classical   singing   exams;   following   the London College of Music syllabi. Grades 6 – 8 are awarded UCAS points at level 3 regulated by QCF. DRAMA These   classes   offer   opportunities   for   children   to   develop   confidence,   concentration,   awareness   of character   and   performance   skills,   as   well   as   the   ability   to   work   with   and   support   others.   LAMDA Drama   &   Speech   Certificates   can   also   be   achieved   if   desired.   Grades   6   –   8   are   awarded   UCAS   points   at level 3 regulated by QCF.
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Spring Term Start Date: 8th January 2016
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M Teach, P.G.C.E. (QTLS), BA Hons. Dual F.I.S.T.D. R.A.D. Registered Teacher, FDI & CDE Certificates in Modern, Tap, Ballet & National. L.A.M (Gold Medal). LCM Dip. Anna is an experienced teacher, choreographer, producer and examiner. Anna started her training at the Loreto Bamber Dancing Academy, Southport under the direction of her mother Pamela Bamber. On completion of a Diploma in Musical Theatre & Dance at Merseyside Dance and Drama Centre, Liverpool she moved to  Germany where she danced, choreographed and later taught at the Ballet Studio Bremen; here she was commissioned to introduce the I.S.T.D. Modern and Tap syllabus to the school from grades to vocational standard. Alongside teaching professionally as the lead singer with the group, ‘FEVER’ on the North West Club circuit. Whist working in the industry opportunities arose naturally progressing Anna’s career into choreography. Credits include musicals: Carousel - The Grand, Blackpool, West Side Story - The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, Bat Boy – Viva, Blackpool, Summer Showcase – Soho Theatre, London, Graduates Showcase - West End Theatre, London, Anything Goes – The Grand, Blackpool, Kiss Me Kate – Spanish Halls, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, Cabaret – The Theatre, Blackpool, Crazy for You – The Grand, Blackpool. Dance works: Cinderella’s Story & Circus through Time - St Mary’s Theatre, Twickenham, Pandora’s Box - Kingston Performing Arts Centre, Alice in Wonderland Ballet - Kingston Performing Arts Centre. Pantomimes – Aladdin, Dick Whittington, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, Southport Theatre. Gazette The Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, Fashion Shows & Festivals. As a qualified teacher of dance and performing arts Anna holds RAD registered teacher status, Fellowship Certificates in I.S.T.D. Modern & Tap, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (QTLS) and a Musical Theatre Diploma from the London College of Music; adding to her skill set, Anna is a fully qualified teacher of Yoga Having experienced firsthand the stimulation of theatre, both academically and emotionally, Anna further pursued her passion for dance at Roehampton University; the No. 1 University for Dance Research in the UK. Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Dance & Psychology; here she expanded her knowledge by training with world-leading researchers and recognised dance artists from diverse backgrounds and specialisms, advancing skills in a variety of commercial and contemporary dance genres. Believing the study of dance goes beyond performing, embracing both the theoretical and artistic attributes Anna continued her studies graduating from the renowned Royal Academy of Dance with a Master’s degree in Dance Education. As a researcher Anna is particularly interested in the impact of somatic practices upon dance training, musical theatre as a standalone dance genre and the importance of the arts in education. Anna is the principal of TMT Theatre Arts and has taught at various dance schools/ colleges both in the UK and abroad. She has been employed by The Royal Academy of Dance for the past 4 years as a mentor facilitating student teacher placements for 2nd and 3rd year B Ed students. Alongside teaching she is a performing arts and musical theatre examiner for OCR and RSL and currently lectures BA Musical Theatre as Head of Dance for the Creative Arts School. She has been teaching successfully for over 20 years. Her experience with children is vast, not only as a performing arts & dance teacher but as a previously registered foster carer, qualified nursery nurse and parent. As an educator Anna is extremely passionate about providing training of the highest quality, embracing and thriving of student achievement. She feels dance and performing arts enables children to express themselves freely developing a strong sense of self awareness and confidence, developing transferable skills for life.
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